Julio Figueroa

Julio Figueroa received a $1,000 scholarship from the ARJ Civic Association to continue his education at Fordham University, where he will be entering his sophomore year.


Julio, who graduated from Delbarton high School, said he has taken advantages of all the opportunities the city offered to him.

"Being able to develop as a person in such diverse places has taught me the value of going out in the world and finding what one loves to do," he said. "Everyone in the community has always stressed to me the importance of going out and being successful in whatever it is I want in life."

Julio said not a day goes by when he does not stop to talk and greet students on campus.

"I am someone who looks to make connections with people," he said. "I can definitely see myself doing business with the connections I have already made at Fordham because of how much camaraderie I have made with the people there of all ages."


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