Lyonnel Eugene

Lyonell Eugene received a $500 scholarship to continue his education at Seton hall Prep, where he is a sophomore.


Lyonell called Seton Hall the "high school of my dreams."

"I have always wanted to attend Seton Hall Prep because of its prestigious academic program. My goal in high school academically is to finish in the top ten of my class, preferably number one," he said.

After graduating from high school, Lyonell said he would like to attend either Duke University or Stanford University, majoring in business.

"I would like to major in this field because as my career, I would like to have my own business or even work on Wall Street," he said. "To accomplish this, I understand I must take my studies very seriously and that I have a ways to go before I finish my academic career."

Lyonell said receiving the ARJ Civic Association scholarship is helpful for his family.

"It will help my family afford my school tuition and it will help me be more focused in the classroom because I won't have to worry about tuition, he said.


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